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Treatment ONLINE or by us in Munich. Get a clear diagnosis. We’ll take you by the hand till we achieve your optimal treatment based on scientific evidence.

An der Hand halten ohne Hyperhidrose
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Start immediately with online treatment

Fast, simple and successful in 4 out of 5 cases:

PIO – the first online treatment for excessive sweating or blushing. You can really get started right away.

Treatment at the DHHZ in Munich

In these cases you must come in person:

  • Miradry/armpits: Permanently dry armpits, bookable immediatelyonly 1 visit.
  • Miradry/trunk: Permanently dry on all other parts of the body (except head, hands, feet). First information phone callthen booking an appointment.
  • Sympathetic surgery: Permanent elimination of excessive sweating on the head, armpits, hands and/or feet. Permanent elimination of excessive blushing. Simply book an initial examination for suitability for surgery.
  • Botox: Temporary shutdown of excessive sweating. Can be booked immediately for all parts of the body except the hands. For Botox on the hands, first arrange an info phone call.
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Personal conversation with Dr. Schick

  • Appointment at the DHHZ including comprehensive diagnosis and treatment strategy: book an initial examination.

Bye bye sweating!

over 30,000 patients

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Doc Schick explains the next steps.

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About the DHHZ

PD Dr. Christoph Schick is one of the world’s leading experts in the treatment of hyperhidrosis and erythrophobia.

He is President of the International Society of Sympathetic Surgery ISSS. For 20 years, he has dedicated his professional career exclusively to the conservative and surgical treatment of people who sweat or blush excessively. Dr. Schick treats patients from all over the world in the German Hyperhidrosis Center DHHZ – which he founded in 2005 – on a diagnostic, outpatient and inpatient basis. He develops new treatment procedures himself and supports the industry in the development of new drugs and methods.

Dr. Schick is the author of numerous studies and publications and, as a university lecturer, trains surgeons and students.


The hyperhidrosis app

Your companion on your cell phone. This will keep you up to date with the latest developments in hyperhidrosis therapy and keep you in touch with us.
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Wenn Erröten plötzlich losgeht

Erythrophobia - blushing

Excessive blushing can be eliminated with a high degree of probability. Either by conservative methods or, as a last resort, by surgery to block the nerve impulses responsible for the blushing. However, such an “endoscopic thoracic sympathetic block (ETS)” also leads to a change in sweating regulation, so-called “compensatory sweating”, and should therefore only be considered if drug treatment is unsuccessful.

If you are affected by excessive blushing, you can also immediately take advantage of systematic drug treatment under our care online. Book our online coaching and treatment program “PIO Erythrophobia”.

With “Pio Ery” you will either find a solution for your blushing issue or possibly create the conditions for your health insurance to cover the hospital costs of the operation.

Wenn Erröten plötzlich losgeht

Any questions?

Yes, primary hyperhidrosis is genetic. You will find other affected people in your extended family,even if you may have to search longer.

Hyperhidrosis is caused by a disorder in the control of sweating, which we can detect using neurophysiological tests. Then it is also clear whether the hyperhidrosis is primary or secondary.

You have chosen an “expensive” disease. Only some of the possible measures are covered by public health insurance: Iontophoresis, Axhidrox and any necessary surgeries. This leaves medication, which was not developed for hyperhidrosis and therefore has to be paid for privately, but is generally not very expensive. Expect to pay one euro per day for drug treatment. German private health insurance companies usually cover everything, including neurophysiological testing and PIO.

No, you can start online immediately. If we do not obtain sufficient clarity about your status within the PIO online treatment, we’ll recommend a visit.

You may find differing philosophies regarding ETS or ELS operations elsewhere, so let’s be clear about our position here:

  • Before the operation, you absolutely need a prognosis regarding the expected “compensatory sweating”. Many patients come to us who regret their operation because they were not properly informed.

  • Compensatory sweating ALWAYS occurs after the operation. It is therefore necessary to test what can be done about this beforehand.

  • Easier measures often lead to success. This is why health insurance companies only cover the costs of the operation if other measures have been tried without success.

For you, this means that you first need a diagnosis appointment, then a treatment phase lasting several weeks (ideally via PIO) and then the surgery appointment.

A first attempt at treatment often leads to good results and considerable relief. However, this does not necesserely mean that you have already reached your optimum treatment level. You will only know if this is the case once you have tried alternatives. To enable you to do this “from the comfort of your own sofa”, we offer the online coaching and treatment program “PIO”.

  • You can easily book MiraDry for the armpits online. Examination, information, and treatment then take place at the same appointment.
  • MiraDry for other parts of the body requires preparation. Send us this form and we will plan the treatment.
  • Botox treatments are available at short notice. Send us this form and we will plan the treatment.