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Behandlung buchen vom Sofa aus

Let’s go

Now you can start your treatment. It doesn’t matter whether you have already decided on treatment, are already well informed or are just looking for a chat. Nothing will change without therapy. “Do the thing” and get started now.

PIO “Hyperhidrosis”

Get rid of your excessive sweating from the comfort of your own sofa.

PIO “Erythrophobia”

Get rid of your facial blushing from the comfort of your own sofa.

PIO “Coach”

Treatment strategy recommendation and expert support. No treatment.

MiraDry / armpits

Permanently dry armpits.

MiraDry / Body

Permanently dry on other parts of the body.

“Botox” / armpits

Dry armpits for many months.

“Botox” / otherwise

Dry on other parts of the body for many months.

Sympathetic surgery

Permanently dry on head, armpits, hands or feet. No more facial blushing.

Conversation with Dr. Schick

Determine treatment strategy after comprehensive diagnosis.

Re-presentation with Dr. Schick

As a DHHZ patient, you can discuss everything that concerns you personally with Dr. Schick.

The “quick check”

You are not a DHHZ patient, you suffer from sweating or flushing. You’ve wanted to do something for a long time, but what?
Dr. Schick will take 10 minutes of your time in a video consultation. A diagnosis is not possible in this way, but clarity on how to proceed is. Only (!) for new patients.